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Irate man axes wife to death

BEREA — A 53-year-old man from Sefikeng in Berea last week axed his wife to death following a dispute over the cooking of sugar beans.

Police spokesman Masupha Masupha confirmed the incident.

“Police received a tip-off that there was a man in Sefikeng who hit his wife with an axe,” Masupha said.

He said it was not clear what really triggered the killing.

“Police were told that they had an argument over family matters. Police found the axe covered with the woman’s blood,” he said.

He said the man, identified as Masilonyane Masike, is in police custody and the axe will be used as an exhibit in court.

The couple’s son, Khoeli Masike, told the Lesotho Times this week that the family was still in shock following the brutal killing of their mother.

Masike said he was still battling to come to terms with what could have pushed his “sweet and caring father and husband to commit such a horrendous crime”.

He said his mother, ‘Mateboho Masike, 51, had big gushes on the forehead, behind the ear and on the neck.

Masike, who is a taxi driver, said he received a call at around 5pm last Thursday asking him to rush home.

“I never thought of anything related to domestic violence. I just thought my mother had complications related to her hypertension,” Masike said.

He said after dropping the last passenger he went straight home.

“I found my mother lying in a pool of blood in her bedroom. I was shocked and wondered who could have done such a horrible thing to her.

“I never thought my father could have been behind it. He had never hurt anyone in the family,” he said.

“I was told that they had an argument over a pot of beans.”

Masike said he was told by his younger sister that his father was cooking some beans in a pot on the fireplace.

But the mother had changed the pot and put the beans on a gas stove inside the house.

When the father came back from a nearby bar and found that the pot had been changed, he was incensed, sparking the fight.

“When he came back he realised that the pot was no longer where he had left it. He asked my mother about the three legged pot that contained the beans.

“My mother who was resting on her bed told him that she decided to change the pots and cook the beans on a gas stove since the fire was no longer burning,” Masike said.

Masilonyane is said to have been furious that his wife had interfered with his cooking.

“My sister told me that it was then that he went outside and collected an axe that he used to cut firewood,” he said.

The husband then attacked his wife with the axe.

The wife died on the spot.

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