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Pascalinah Kabi

FORMER Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili says he has no need to misrepresent to the world that he is premier as he enjoyed a lengthy stay in that position which no one can match at the moment.

Dr Mosisili’s remarks come against the background of criticism that followed social media posts of the recent 18th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World which he attended in Lucknow, India where his picture was posted with the caption “Prime Minister of Lesotho (2015-2017)”.

The caption angered government supporters who have since accused the Dr Mosisili of misrepresentation to give the impression that he was still premier after his seven party administration was brought to a premature end in the 3 June 2017 snap elections.

All Basotho Convention leader Thomas Thabane assumed the premiership in June after forming a coalition with the Alliance of Democrats, Basotho National Party and the Reformed Congress of Lesotho.

Dr Mosisili said his trip to India went well despite that the government’s refusal to provide him with allowances.

Former Prime Minister and DC Leader Pakhalitha Mosisili shows the certificate of Honor he got from India

“I voluntarily informed government of my trip to India because I wanted them to know about my whereabouts and to request quarter rate per diems for two civil servants (an executive secretary and body guard) attached to my office whom I travelled with,” Dr Mosisili said.

“Again, as former Prime Minister, I also wanted them to make preparations for my courtesies in the countries we passed through enroute to India.

“I am appalled by the people making unfounded allegations that I fraudulently introduced myself as the prime minister of Lesotho while in India.

“I have no intention of referring to myself as prime minister while I am not. People making these allegations are bitter. I have been the prime minister of this country for 16 years and no living person will beat this record.”

He said the conference organisers – City Montessori School were fully aware of his current status as ex-premier when they invited him.

He said he was even awarded a Certificate of Honour, which he brandished to cheering supporters who warmly welcome him on his arrival at Moshoeshoe I International Airport yesterday.

He also called on the world leaders to embrace the idea of establishing a global parliament to oversee the issue of sustainable peace.

“The conference called for the introduction of peace education in school and for me, while delivering my speech, I stressed that it was important to teach our children that a world peace starts with an individual inner peace,” Dr Mosisili said.

He said the conference noted with great concern that the United Nations Security Council had its shortcomings when it came to achieving or maintaining international peace and security.

“The council gives one country powers to overrule the decisions of the 54 others and where have you ever seen one man overruling decisions of 54 others in a democratic dispensation?”

He said it was therefore important for the world to establish its own parliament and judiciary which will oversee the enactment of peace laws and their protection.


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