Naked women block traffic in Maseru


MASERU — Traffic came to a standstill along the Main North 1 road near Maqalika Dam on Saturday night when a group of naked women who were coming from a “beach party” blocked the road.
The women reportedly refused to clear the road and some are said to have screamed insults at motorists.
The women had been having a beer-fuelled “beach party” on the banks of Maqalika Dam, about half a kilometre from the main road.
Some of the women were dressed in bikinis while others were completely naked, according to eyewitnesses.
Police spokesperson Masupha Masupha confirmed the incident and warned that police are now planning to raid future “beach parties” for people “committing public indecency”.
“It is against the law for a person to exhibit his or her body in public places. There was a social event where people were dancing naked last Saturday,” Masupha said.
“The event was called a beach party and amazingly in Lesotho there is no beach and the place where the event was held is a dam. We could not stop the organisers of the event as the Public Meetings and Processions Act protects them but a person who dresses in an indecent manner in the view of the public commits an offence.
“When the drivers tried to ask them to get out of the road they would strip naked for them and block traffic,” he said.
He said they were aware that more beach parties were being planned this festive season but police would arrest anyone stripping naked and charge them with public indecency.
Masupha also revealed that there was a bar in Maseru that has been having striptease sessions.
The police spokesperson said the campaign will also target bars that remain open beyond the hours stipulated by their licences.
“We will make sure that everyone obeys the law and police will do whatever it takes to chase people who misbehave,” he said. “We have been too lenient towards bar owners and this is why they do as they please.”
Masupha said people who drink until late were contributing to the high rate of road accidents in the city.
To curb this police will patrol the roads together with doctors who will use breathalyzers to detect whether drivers are drunk or not.
“Medical practitioners will be of great help because most drunk motorists claim that they are on medication and insist that alcohol detected in their breath is from prescribed medicines,” Masupha said.
He said last year over 333 people died in road accidents.


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